Make Money with Bitcoin

Make Money with Bitcoin

It is now time to get back in the cryptocurrency market as volume of trade picks up in beginning of April 2019. Many cryptocurrencies have increased significantly in price and giving crypto traders a very health profit.  Is it too late to get back into the game now? Could we make money with Bitcoin?

Experts are predicting it will go beyond $10,000. Some say it will go as high as $30,000 or $100,000. At this moment it is around $9,200.

As for me, I don’t believe it will go up to $100,000, but $30,000 is possible. 

If we look back at the history of bitcoin, we can see that each time it dropped back and will go higher than the last time.  Will history repeat itself?

What are the main reasons for bitcoin to rally?

  1. Facebook announced that they will launch a new digital currency next year.  When more businesses are interested in digital currencies and it will be good for bitcoin.
  2. More exchanges are offering margin trading and also investment companies have included bitcoin as a product.
  3. Some says because of uncertainly in the share market, investors are buying bitcoin as insurance.

The number of people who are newly investing in bitcoin has increase significantly.  It is just like gold rush.  It is a good time to get in, but wait for the pull-back before you invest.

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