KuCoin Exchange and KuCoin Shares

KuCoin Exchange and KuCoin Shares

KuCoin Exchange and KuCoin Shares

Normally,  I don’t recommend any coin to my visitors but I found something which is very good and could not resist the urge to tell you about it.  I have been trading cryptocurrency for a while now and I have been using Bittrex.  They charge 0.25% fee per transaction and I thought it was quite reasonable, but I found a better exchange.  This exchange is called KuCoin, the commission fee is only 0.1%.

The reason why I want to join another exchange is the coin I want to purchase is not listed on Bittrex.  Let me tell you what I learned about KuCoin.

KuCoin is an exchange based in Hong Kong.  They started just a few months ago in September.  Since then their membership has increased dramatically.  At the moment, some of the big exchanges (Bittrex, Binance and Cryptopia, etc) have closed their doors for new sign-ups, because far too many people want to sign-up and they cannot handle this big volume. If you want to join an exchange now, KuCoin is a good choice.  Click here to join.

Besides low fee, KuCoin offers daily dividend for their coin holders.  It is called KuCoin Shares.  KuCoin Shares has been increasing in value very quickly and is sitting on position 70 on Coin Market Cap. Any coin within the top 100 is considered to be good.

The dividend comes from 50% of their daily earning.  It is distributed to the KuCoin Shares holders in coins which is traded on their exchange.  The more KuCoin Shares you have, the more bonus you get.  Every 100 shares you have, you will get a little bit of each coins in the value of $0.2924.  Since you are earning more KuCoin shares each day, so the value is compounding plus increase in value of the coins you are getting.  Also, the number of customers are increasing daily, their revenue will increase and more dividend will be distributed. Therefore, it is an excellent coin to hold for the long term.

The video below will explain how the KuCoin bonus works.

Besides bonus, they have prizes to win.

The price of KuCoin is at a very reasonable price level for investment.  Don’t delay.

I am no financial adviser, so you need to find out more and decide if this is a good investment for you or otherwise.  Click here to visit their website and check them out.

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