Earn a passive income with Kucoin

Earn a passive income with Kucoin

Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kucoins are issued by Kucoin Exchange – a digital exchange for trading cryptocurrency based in Hong Kong. They have a low trading fee.  It is especially good for those who want to buy new coins, some of the coins are not traded in other exchanges.

They have a generous bonus system.  50% of the daily income is used to pay as bonus for people holding Kucoin. As the moment you can earn around 5% per year by holding Kucoin.  The bonus is issued daily therefore you can compound your Kucoin holding. To generate a good passive income, you just need to stake a substantial amount of Kucoin.

You can also earn more bonuses by introducing other people to join their exchange. If you want to join, click here.

Benefits of Kucoin exchange:-

  1. Low trading fee compare to other exchanges.
  2. Trading competitions are held frequently to new coins entry to the market and lots of prices to won.
  3. Generous bonus system. 
  4. Good website security to save-guard your assets from hackers.
  5. Easy to use interface for trading and also transferring your coins in and out.
  6. Every quarter, they have a coin burn to remove some Kucoins from the market.

At the moment, the Kucoin is trading at a bargain around $1.20.  It went up to $20 at one time in 2018.  Therefore, it is a good time to accumulate this coin if you want a passive income.  There are further potential for gain when the price of Kucoin increases.

The other good news is volume of trade in Kucoin Exchange has been slowly increasing and that means, the value of Kucoin will increase with time.

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