About Me

About Me

G’day mate,

Australia is my home.  I live in Melbourne with my wife and my son.  This is a great country and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  I love the people, the environment, the weather (even though we sometimes have four seasons within a day in Melbourne), etc.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years already and have been making a bit of money.  I love building websites, it is my hobby not to mention the money I can make.  It is not my only hobby, I also love cycling, swimming, reading and gardening.

The reason I built this website is to promote digital currency (or cryptocurrency).  I think everyone knows about the famous Bitcoin, but until now there are not many people who know exactly what it is.  Some think Bitcoin is a coin which we could use as money just like the normal coin we used as money.  Not many of us have use it and we also don’t know where we can use it.

Therefore, I want to build this website to educate my visitors like you.  I would tell you where to buy Bitcoins, plus other cryptocurrency.  Examples are, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Steem, Ripple and others.  I am promoting a local company in Melbourne, an Australian business.  I want to help our fellow citizen rather than promoting companies in other countries.  You could call it patriotism, but a little bit of it do no harm.

Digital currency is the star of the future.  I believed we will stop using paper money very soon, it could happen in just a few years.  When we don’t have to carry our wallets anymore.  It is truly remarkable when we could walk out of the house carrying nothing in our pocket.  The weight of the paper notes, coins, credit card, ID card, drivers license and the rest.  It will also free us from tasks like withdrawing money from ATM, going to the bank to deposit money, writing cheques to pay bills, etc.  I cannot wait for this day to come soon enough.

In my website, I will post everything that you want to know about cryptocurrency.  Where to buy it, where to sell, how to keep them and also how to keep them in a safe place, etc.  Also, I have a list of all Australian businesses who accept bitcoin and you could try using it.  I hope I could help you understand all about digital currency.

If you have any question, I welcome you to drop me a note in the comment section.  Or you could email me at stephen.so2222@gmail.com

I wish you all the best.